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Your Host Page don't use templates, instead we create professionally designed web pages tailored to your business needs using custom graphics such as your logo, colours and photos. Just provide your contact details along with some examples and instructions and we will get to work creating a website mock-up for you. Please allow 3 to 5 working days, and if you require an urgent turnaround we have a 24 hour turnaround option subject to availability.

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Please note: Our Terms of use do not commit or obligate you in any way to any product or service. The website outline is simply provided along with a quote.

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Have you seen a website that you particularly like or already have a website?, just include the address/s in the Example fields below:

Files & Folders
Do you have images, files or documents that will help us with the design of your website, like your logo or other photos of your business or products?, just email them to us at Take care to only attach a couple of images to each email and include your company name in the Subject line so that we can match them to your website outline.

What if I don't have logos or pictures? The more information you can give us to help us build you Website Mock-up, the more accurate and beneficial the mock-up with be for your business. But don't worry if you have nothing to offer as this is your first toe in the water, as we will use the backgrounds of similar companies to tailor the initial mock-up, just describe your business as best you can and give us what you have.